Hands-On Grammar Review Games
Hands-On Grammar Review Games

Hands-On Grammar Review Games

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A complete set of hands-on grammar activities that will allow your students to work with mentor sentences in unique ways and review grammar concepts in fun and engaging ways.

Included in this set:

  • Compare and separate mentor sentences with linking verbs vs. vivid verbs
  • Compare and separate hand-held cards into active voice and passive voice
  • Separate mentor sentences based on simple, compound, complex and compound-complex
  • Separate mentor sentences based on what types of phrases are included in the sentence
  • Manipulate sentence parts to form interesting or hilarious sentences!

Students need to work with language in hands-on ways in order to more fully grasp the concepts, and this allows for that learning to happen. 

Included with most activities is a handout for students to reflect and imitate the mentor sentences and consider how to apply the concepts to their own writing. 

Note: This is a digital product, so you will need to prep the games by printing out and cutting the parts of the game. For some activities, this will not take long at all, but for some games, and with larger classes, it will take longer.