Purposeful Grammar Lessons For High School Students
Use these bell ringers to help your students practice grammar and work on their writing craft. 
Your students will love reviewing grammar in this low-stakes way, and you'll get a few minutes to do what you need to do!
Teach grammar in a way that your students will actually enjoy.
Grab the lesson and have an entire class period DONE. 
Every Grammar Lesson You Need For a Year!
This outstanding curriculum is an integrated approach to grammar that starts by using great literature to teach grammar concepts and ultimately leads students to becoming better writers.
5 Ways To Spice Up Your Personal Narrative Unit

The personal narrative can be so powerful! Try these strategies to get your students to buy in to it! 

Hey English Teachers, I Planned Your First Week Back

And it includes everything you need for establishing routines, setting up norms, and giving your students a path toward writing well. 

Podcasts That Work For ELA

Check out some great podcasts for the high school English classroom and some cool lesson plans to go with each!

Ted Talks For High School English

Check out some great Ted talk pairings and tips for how to use them in your classroom. Guest post by Jeanmarie Mclaughlin.

What Are Mentor Sentences?
Only the best thing ever. Read more here.
Hands-On Grammar Activities

Bundle includes 5 different hands-on grammar activities.


Perfect for reviewing grammar concepts in fun and meaningful ways! 

Better Bell Ringers!
Use these bell ringers instead of "fix the error" bell ringers. They are research-based, no prep, and engaging!
Feeling Stressed?
There are so many benefits to bringing rest and breaks into your classroom. Here's how to do it.
Parts-of-Speech Bundle

Includes 6 lessons on parts of speech, 25 writing prompts, a review game, and an optional quiz!


Teach grammar with mentor sentences and watch your students become better writers!

Why Grammar Matters
Even in the modern classroom, it matters that your students have the tools to write and craft their writing through an understanding of grammatical concepts. Here's why.
How to make grammar fun (& meaningful)
Grammar does not have to be a drag. It can be meaningful and enjoyable. Click here to see how.
5 NO PREP Grammar Lessons
Need an engaging, no prep lesson today? Want to connect it to grammar? I've got you.
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