Teach grammar in a way that leads your students to becoming better writers.

Teach grammar in a way that leads to your students becoming better writers .

You’re In The Right Place If

  • You love teaching literature, but you don’t feel as confident with your grammar instruction
  • You have never found a way to teach grammar that is fun and meaningful for your students
  • You are a little shaky on some grammar concepts yourself
  • You know a good lesson when you see one, but you don’t have the time to put together dozens of great grammar lessons
  • You’re not entirely sure of what grammar concepts your high school students truly need to know

A Better Way To Teach Grammar At A Glance

Introducing Grammar With Mentor Sentences

A full-year grammar curriculum that is based on the research that students learn grammar best when it is integrated into their reading and writing. Grammar with Mentor Sentences gives you a full scope and sequence of grammar instruction for your 9th and 10th grade students.

What Is Included In The Curriculum


15 Anchor Lessons

Concepts include parts of speech, phrases, verbals, clauses, sentence types, punctuation, and more.


Hands-On Activities

Use these hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts in the anchor lessons. Students remember more when they get to interact with the mentor sentences in a hands-on way.


2 Interactive Review Games

These are fun and purposeful. A great way to review before a quiz, or simply as extra practice if you choose to not give the quizzes


Over 40 Quick-Write Writing Prompts

These engaging, quick writes give yours students just enough structure to work on crafting their writing with specific grammar concepts.


Optional Quizzes

Optional quizzes allow students to observe more mentor sentences and practice their writing craft.


A Video Tutorial For You, The Teacher In Every Lesson!


Unlimited Access To Me, Your Grammar Coach, For A Full Year!

A Bit More About The Video Tutorials And Having A Grammar Coach

  • Each lesson comes with a video tutorial for you, the teacher, that teaches you the grammar concept (if you’re a little rusty on it), and teaches you how to teach the concept to the students using the materials provided. Each video is under 10 minutes, so your prep time is kept to a minimum.
  • Additionally, I want you to have an outstanding experience teaching grammar this year, so I am making myself and my team available to answer any grammar questions you have for an entire year. We will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours, but typically in less than 24 hours.

Will My Students Like It?

In every anchor lesson, I’ve used strategies to keep your students engaged and active.

  • Warm-up games that introduce the concept
  • Streamlined direct instruction, so students don’t “zone out”
  • References to musicians, movies, and pop culture in examples, that are customizable so you can change these to fit your students’ interests
  • Hand-selected mentor sentences that showcase the grammar concept
  • Interesting and fun photo and video prompts for students to practice their skills
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Will The Concepts Stick?

  • As a classroom English teacher of 13 years, I created this method based on what worked with my own students. I saw more engagement than with any other method of grammar instruction, but I also saw my students use these concepts in the essays they turned in months after I taught a certain grammar concept.
  • The research supports my experience! When you integrate grammar instruction into other meaningful elements of your classroom, the concepts make more sense, and ultimately “stick.”

Don't Take Our Word for it...

“100% of my students enjoyed this method of grammar instruction more than the automated grammar program we had been using!”


"Where has this resource been my whole life?!"


My students and I LOVED these resources. The prompts were funny and engaging. Students also enjoyed watching the short films. These are the kinds of activities that make it easy to "trick" students into learning. I love the idea of model sentences. In order for students to write well, they need to see what strong writing looks like. Thank you!